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They say the only constant is change, although I am not sure who “they” are, it is absolutely true!  Life takes you on a journey, that often is unpredictable, always changing with each choice we make.    And that is exactly what happened to us!  Life happened, we experienced some difficult years, food became the enemy, illness followed and life became more precious.  It required that we as a family make changes and fast.  We had no problem eliminating meat, we weren’t big fans of it and didn’t incorporate it much in our diets anyway.  We didn’t even mind eliminating milk, not a fan of that either.  We did find it tricky to eliminate cheese, butter, eggs and gluten.  Quite frankly it made grocery shopping a huge frustration.  Often filling the cart with very little and feeling clueless on how to move forward with such a change.   It was a bumpy road at first, learning how to cook food that was edible (well okay, honestly there are still times when edible is a subjective term) yet the more we practiced, it became less of a frustration and more fun.  We haven’t looked back, in fact, we have found something new to try every day. We aren’t fancy, we cook real food and are all about making it simple.

We like to play with our food!  We have fun finding new ways to transform traditional recipes into plant-based/compassionate meals and are here to share our trials and errors with you!

We are self-trained, dedicated continual learners and fearless experimenters.    Join us on our journey, who knows you may find some of our recipes may unexpectedly become favorites of yours!