Almond Nog French Toast

I love to mix textures, I need a bit of crunch but also really like when my teeth sink into something delightful (think doughnut).  Now that the holidays are here, I have a fridge full of so many fun things I can hardly wait to see what combinations will come together what our next meal will become.

As for today, it’s pretty cold outside so it seems that a warm comforting breakfast is a must!  As I entered the kitchen the first thing that caught my eye this morning was a beautiful pomegranate!  The color of the brilliant red stood out from all the rest in the fruit bowl, beckoning me to reach for it.  And when opening the fridge, as if partners in crime the Almond Nog, creamy, thick and delicious did the same – it stood out from the crowd, making it the obvious choice.  These two unlikely partners were about to become one of my favorite breakfast indulgences.

As I contemplated what to do with both and how to bring them together, the answer became clear – why French Toast of course!  I decided to take full advantage of making an overly indulgent breakfast justifying that I will need the carbs and the sugar boost to keep me going as I decorate for Christmas.

The recipe is really more of a gift from Follow Your Heart VeganEgg French Toast recipe (in the package).  I simply replaced  the call for almond, soy, etc. milk with 3/4 c Almond Nog and 1/4 c Almond Milk adding to it 3/4 c Follow Your Heart VeganEgg, a dash of salt, a drizzle of vanilla, a sprinkle of cinnamon and off we went.

What makes this such a great combination is the burst of flavor and texture.  I love the pillowy soft, eggnoggy French toast mixed with the crunchiness of the pomegranate seed as it bursts in your mouth.  The dusting of sugar is just enough to offset the slight tartness of the seeds and the woodsy cinnamon cuts the sugar so it isn’t overly sweet.  I love how this turned out and although I’d love to say I ate delicately, I didn’t, I ate it with reckless abandon and am content with a full stomach.  Now I contemplate getting those decorations up, after all that was my justification for this morning treat.